About Me

My name’s Andy, I’m a wedding photographer and a self-confessed photography addict. I live in a beautiful farming community in a village called Burscough in Lancashire, with my wife Jade and our daughter Ava.

I think it may be safe to say that I live and breathe photography, when there isn’t a camera in my hand, I’m reading about the greats or catching up on the latest techniques. If after all that I have any spare time you’ll probably find me binge-watching Netflix or Star Wars movies. Heaven forbid that I should head out of the house without at least one camera (just ask Jade!) I’m the guy that took 7KGs of camera equipment on a city break to Prague, when all I had was 10KG baggage allowance.

I’m not the photographer that was handed a camera at an early age and has spent the past 25 years taking photographs, but I have spent the past 10 years more than catching up! I started my professional photography career in a studio shooting family sessions and commercial material; something that I loved dearly but something inside me was looking for a challenge. It was through the studio owner that I shot my first wedding, as a favour for a friend, and despite those initial nerves I knew instantly that this was exactly what I wanted to be shooting from that moment forward and I haven’t looked back.


I know it sounds like a cliché, but wedding photography is so much more than a job for me, I get a massive amount of job satisfaction in presenting couples with beautiful wedding photographs that they’re going to love and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

When I first started out I outlined what I would be looking for in a wedding photographer myself and built myself around that brief. I wanted somebody professional but approachable that was open to suggestions, would listen to what I wanted and somebody that I would actually like to spend my wedding day with. Oh, and perhaps take some nice photographs along the way!