Sarah and Laurie

The beautiful, the charming, the stunning Old Grammar School in Middleton was the venue that Sarah and Laurie chose for their wedding reception. Set beside a flowing river, the 15th Century building harks back in time and feels like a grand medieval banqueting hall. We’ll lay to one side that it used to be a school for a moment and appreciate that charming interior!

From the moment I met Sarah and Laurie, I knew I was going to enjoy photographing their wedding, we seemed to click straight away and immediately came up with a plan for the photography on their wedding day. As it happens, it was a late October day and the rain had other ideas, but that didn’t dampen our spirits and we got some great photographs. I sure would love to shoot there again in drier weather to make use of that beautiful exterior.

They are also a couple that made the most of having an engagement photoshoot with me, something that they used to their advantage on their wedding day to really enjoy being in front of the camera. The shot of Sarah and Laurie having their first dance shows the very essence of the couple that I saw in our meetings and photoshoots, Laurie, the entertainer making Sarah laugh and a couple very much in love.